Highlights! Part 1 :)

Hey everyone! It’s confession time… My name is Amy and i’m probably the worlds worst blogger! I realized I haven’t blogged in a loooong time. So for everyone who still reads this, thanks for stopping by! I promise, I will … Continue reading

Wedding: Mike & Kyla, Baltimore Science Center

I am so blessed to be able to shoot at such unique locations! One of my most anticipated venues this past year was at the Baltimore Science Center for Mike and Kyla’s rooftop wedding. Yep, they got married on the roof. Yep, it was so so cool! Such a fun night, with some really nice people. Mike and Kyla, it was a pleasure hanging out with you on your big day! And how cool is it that they had the reception right in the dinosaur exhibit!


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Wedding: Courtney & Ryan – Celebrations at the Bay, Pasadena MD

“We’re friends, friends till the end of tiiimeeee”

When Courtney and I were 10 years old, we (and 3 other friends) decided we would write a song and perform it at our 5th grade graduation. It was about friendship, and how we would always love and be there for each other. Almost 20 years later, we are still great friends! When Courtney told me she was getting married, I was so happy to jump at the chance to photograph her wedding! I got to spend the whole day with my best friends, while doing something that I love. I’m so glad I got to capture these moments for her 🙂 Sadly though it was pouring rain the whole afternoon, so we weren’t able to get any outdoor portraits, but as always indoors at Celebrations were gorgeous!

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Wedding: Brittany & Jon

Words can not say how beautiful this wedding was. Beautiful people, beautiful venue, beautiful details! It was a gorgeous day for a wedding at Downs Park in Pasadena, MD. We started out at the brides home, got a to-die-for portrait of the bride, had the ceremony at the park, then a reception at Galway Bay in Downtown Annapolis, MD. Pretty much a perfect day!

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